About Us

Welcome to WaaaW.com the platform that was designed to be number one in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries to take you on an astonishing journey to the most famous brands in the world for perfumes, makeup, and skincare products at great prices.


We were inspired by the universal word wow, in order to adhere to the fulfillment of all that is necessary to provide all the joy, fun, and excitement necessary for a shopping trip that is very easy, fun and creative.

Our products:

To keep the standards of waaaw we had to provide all that is needed for customers, you won't miss anything, we will not forget to keep you updated with everything in the world of beauty

Known brands

We aim to be your way to the beauty of Paris, the authenticity of Roma, and the modernity of NewYork.

Various brands

Because you like to be special, we bring you all that is rare, distinguished, and special to suit all tastes.

Authentic products

WaaaW guarantees providing 100% authentic guaranteed products.

Vintage products

Many customers want to have vintage products and old published versions that are connected to their memories, we are here for you and your memories.

And more…

At waaaw we have a special working team with extraordinary potentials and dedication added to their experience in the market that is like no other, this team will work daily to assure the quality of the services and products before they get to you.